Monday, May 10, 2010

Puck Junkie Withdrawal

Good Morning. I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day and weekend with family and friends. I know I have a bad case of writerfail, but work has been busy, there's been a few family issues and just general mayhem. It doesn't help that there seems to be nothing going on in Islander Country too.

Sure, I could talk about Kate Murray's grass eating herd of goats that has increased to now 14 little "kids," but what's the point. With the mess in the Gulf, an environmentally friendly project is welcome. Face it -- Mother Nature is pissed as hell right now and she's not letting up.

There were the floods in Nashville too which were deadly and devastating. The Nashville Predators Bridgestone Arena was flooded. It's an upsetting sight for a very passionate fan base.

The Phoenix Coyotes are still without an owner and may very well ultimately be displaced. Sad situation for their fans and a team that really beat the odds this season while being run by the league.

There was that bomb attempt in NY and if I start getting into that, I will be rattling off a string of politically incorrect profanities. I can't go there. But the government needs to do something about the security leak that tipped the suspected bomber off and Fox Five News perhaps shouldn't give such minute details that give others the information they need in order to actually pull it off. Is that actually journalism?

The World Championships are rolling along in Germany where Team USA faced the largest crowd of hockey fans ever: 77,000 plus. For that support, Germany beat USA 2 - 1. Sorry about that Kyle and Jack. But John Tavares and Team Canada won their first game and so did Team Sweden. Frans Nielsen is playing for them. I didn't know that until I read it on Twitter.

Rangers goalie Chad Johnson is on Team Canada in Germany, there is an exclusive blog from the tournament on the Rangers website. I guess it was difficult for any of the Islanders who are participating to do the same.

The Devils website says their TV ratings went up this season by 45%. Ha ha, New Jersey! The Isles ratings were up in triple digits and half the time the broadcasts couldn't even be located as they were buried on lower tier MSG stations.

See what happens to me when not only is there no Islanders hockey, but no Islanders news? I get very, very cranky. I guess I'll just go to work!

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Tough tackling leprechaun said...

Frans plays for Team Denmark. He picked up two goals in a 4-1 win against Finland and one assist in a 2-1 win against Team USA, who had Okposo and Hillen on the ice.

Nice blog for Isles info. :)