Monday, June 28, 2010

Draft Party Notes 2010

I wanted to share with you a few photos that I took from Friday night's big party at the Coliseum. I missed LAST year's draft party with 10,000 fans attending. I can't even imagine what that was like. This had over 2,000 fans and it was a wild time. Everyone was having a great time.

Thank you so much to ALL the Islanders staff that managed to keep order and everyone happy. It was great to see so many friends and make some new ones. I was happy to see CJ Papa and Arena Hostess Dino up on stage. She even looks good in a Gillies Stache.

The fans went wild seeing Gillies, Moulson and JT modeling the new jerseys. I don't know if they were happier to just see the boys or just loved the new sweaters that much. But the rousing applause was deafening.

I have to admit -- they look damn good!

The Isles sales staff had a table in front of one of the media stations.'s Ken Dick and I kept trying to figure out which Isles prospects were at the table. Turns out they were new Isles sales reps. I think the office staff is trying to stack the deck for their in house hockey league.

And then the moment we were all waiting for, when Garth Snow announced the newest prospect to wear an Islanders sweater. And I screamed.

By the time I found the booth, the sound levels were off the charts. But Mike managed to get this video with his HD Flip (which seems to be a ton better than my Sony Webbie, I'm just saying!)

As it was also Blog Box Audition night, Johnny Z from YES!Islanders did a great job with this montage of Isles fans from the evening.

And here's a video of Nino's one handed goal from

Well, okay then. Time for me to get ready for work and start my week.

Everyone getting ready for Free-Agency day? It used to be the day I dreaded most, but now I don't seem to be as fearful as usual. Maybe I'm getting used to the way the NHL works. You'd think I should by now, right?

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