Monday, June 28, 2010

End of the Line for Bergie & Tamby?

Today, the Islanders have tendered qualifying offers to Matt Moulson, Rob Schremp, Dustin Kohn, Dylan Reese and Nathan Lawson.

As of Thursday, July 1, those players who have received qualifying offers will have until Thursday, July 15 to accept. The deadline for players to elect to go to salary arbitration is Monday, July 5. If a player rejects the qualifying offer, but does not elect to go to salary arbitration, the Islanders will still retain their rights until and agreement is made or they become eligible for unrestricted free-agency.

That leaves Sean Bergenheim and Jeff Tambellini to become free agents. Is anyone surprised?

Tambellini spent a lot of time out of the line up and being a spectator. When he was inserted into Scott Gordon's line-up, it was out of sheer necessity. But the success never came. Jeff Tambellini, with Dynasty bloodlines, could never recreate the success of his AHL career on the NHL ice.

The 5'11" winger from Calgary has been in the NHL for five seasons. Jeff played 36 games this season and had 7 goals and 7 assists for his $625,000. In the 2008-2009 season he earned 15 points in 65 NHL games and in 2007-2008 he played 31 NHL games and scored once and had three assists. Scott Gordon seemed to have lost all confidence in Jeff. Perhaps a change of scenery will help him.

Sean Bergenheim has always been one of my favorites. He will remain so. However, he has never quite accomplished what everyone expected he should. I saw him as a 20 goal scorer from the first time I saw him in an Islanders sweater when he was only 18.

Bergenhiem was drafted 22nd overall in 2002 and this is also his fifth year in the NHL. In 63 games Sean scored 10 goals and tallied 13 assists. The only time Bergenheim got close to the 20 goals I expected of him was in the 2005-2006 season in Bridgeport when he played 55 games and scored 25 goals and 22 assists.

His biggest drawback is inconsistency. It wasn't long ago that Scott Gordon told reporters in a post-game interview But Scott did continue. "With Bergie it's always consistency. He can skate, he can protect the puck, he can finish hits, he's got a good shot, but if he's not doing those things, he's just an average player. And 'average' isn't good enough for Bergie. Bergie has to excel in the areas that are his strengths and when he does -- that's when he has success."

It was then I knew that his days with the NY Islanders were numbered. And don't think that Garth Snow didn't attempt to get something for the high-energy kid from Finland who never quite received the same 1st round hype as those that came after him. This is the same young man that Scott Bowman praised. Hopefully he'll find a new home where he can feel appreciated.

Hopefully, it's in the NHL. If not -- well, there's always the Swedish Elite League. He had some success there with 33 points and 80 PIMs in 2006, and their season is much shorter.

As sad as I am to see "My Boy Sean" leave the Island, in my heart I know, it will probably be the best thing for him.

With the 2010 Entry Draft done, there are still so many questions leading up to Thursday's Free Agency Frenzy. It may be an exciting time for fans, but it has to be a nerve wracking time for those making the decisions.


Dominik said...

Couldn't help but think of you when I heard the news, Dee. It always stinks when your favorites go. {sob, sniff, sob}

TheMetalChick said...

Yeah I know Dee likes Bergie, but even all these years later I still think of her favorite player as Jason Blake. Funny, huh?

Best of luck to all our wayward RFAs... may you find success elsewhere.

7th Woman said...

Because he IS TMC. No one will ever replace Blakie for me. Like Cheap Trick, he was the first, he'll be the last.

Dominik said...

Oh, I didn't dare mean to put a false favorite before Blake! :)

I saw Bergie as the Blake successor (light). So now I'm wondering...who takes over the top seat in Dee's pantheon of current Islanders?

7th Woman said...

That's a toss up!
Which ever one between Matt Moulson and Rob Schremp gets the longer contract is the next number on my Isles necklace!
Come on Garth! What'll it be??? 26 or 13?? which one???