Tuesday, June 22, 2010

E Tu, Jay Mohr?

Thursday 6:59 am: Okay, so now that's over! At least he didn't use his Doug Weight joke that made no sense. I know they tried really hard to make the award show entertaining, and parts of it really were. But it didn't need to be more than an hour and they could have cut the meaningless comedy. No one tuned in to see the show that wasn't already a hockey fan.

I'd also like to beat the human who thought it was a good idea to put Patrick Kane with a Playboy bunny and announce her as "his new friend." DO NOT MAKE THIS KID A RUNNING JOKE!!

Speaking of "running jokes," I was less annoyed at the Mike Green and Julius the Caveman rivalry. I sort of got a kick out of it. Especially considering Mike Green is getting better and better at acting since the commercial was filmed.

It was interesting to watch the awards while on Twitter. It really has changed the way some of us watch television. Also cool was having so many Tweeps there at the show tweeting out and Twitpicing. It's a great way to be connected from 3,000 miles away.

The two photos here came from @NHL and Buddy from @PredsOTG who is enjoying Las Vegas with all his hockey friends.

Also, I've put a few thoughts about the upcoming schedule over at HockeyBuzz. Nothing earth shattering. Just observations. I do have one additional one that I can put HERE because ... well, 'cause I can!

Should the Anaheim Ducks do nothing this off season to relieve themselves of Jason Blake's salary, then he will be playing against the Islanders on my Birthday this year. That means that my loving friends will be in the arena with him. That means that maybe, just MAYBE someone can get him on a phone to say "Happy Birthday" to me. My BFF tried two years in a row to have that happen for me but was told "He wouldn't even do that for his own wife!" Well, it's years later. Let's see if things have changed.

Funny... I hear that a lot though. What's with that "I don't even do that for my own wife" stuff? Can I make a suggestion? START.

Okay, off to work. Later a look at the 2007 Entry Draft and where the Five Islander draftees may be.

Original Post:

I used to like you there guy. But then, I've got a thing for red-head men that look like Howdy Dowdy. I always liked your self-deprecating humor when you were just a skinny little nobody. But now you bulked up, have your own show, been in some movies -- yeah, you're a star.

Imagine my surprise when I read that you'd be hosting the NHL Awards show tomorrow. I was thrilled! Of course, the idea the Goo Goo Dolls were going to be on thrilled me a touch more, but I was still thinking it was a great idea -- Until I heard you on NHL Live today.

Nice that you admit you're not "really" a hockey fan and that you're doing the show because you were asked. Or in other words, because you'll get paid. But that wasn't the biggest offense. The thing that annoyed me most was the repeating of a (unfunny) joke you posted on Twitter about Doug Weight. I asked you for an explanation, but I guess you don't respond to those who "@" you. (You know there are plenty of celebs that do.) Or perhaps you just didn't see my question. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

But when you repeated the truly ridiculous joke again, I scratched me head. Why would Doug Weight use the Stanley Cup as a booster seat? Are you confusing him with Marty St. Louis? Doug Weight is not a small man and generally you only need a booster seat if someone is too small to see over a table.

But if that wasn't bad enough you added that the best and brightest of the hockey world will be there tomorrow for the NHL Awards which means -- "No one from the Islanders or the Leafs will be there."

Hey Jay -- You're dead to me now.

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