Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hockey Loses One of It's Own

In the middle of the Kovalchuk Kaberet on Twitter, the sad news arrived of the untimely death of NHL tough guy Bob Probert. Forty-Five years of age is too young for anyone to die, especially someone who seemed to have touched so many people.

Probert was a fighter, but he was also a family man and a troubled soul. He had his share of hardships and tough times along with crowds cheering his name. But with all the problems that came in his 17 year career, he seemed to have made up for it in the end. His last years were spent filed with loving family and giving back.

In 2007 Probert and other hockey notables travelled to Afghanistan to see the troops and play ball hockey in the blistering heat. In the 72 hours he was there, he was awake for every second spending time with the troops who gave so much.

In February of 2010, one of my own friends spent time with the tough guy at an Old Timer's Charity Hockey game in Leamington, ON. Little did he know that would be the last time he saw his friend.

Life is too short. But memories last forever.

Rest in peace Bob Probert from Steve Carlson and all your fans everywhere.

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