Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moulson files for Arbitration

Now that the Kovalchuk to the Isles question is ruled out, let's get down to more important business. Matt Moulson is the only NY Islander to file for salary arbitration. Prior to the workstoppage, I thought of arbitration as basically -- blackmail.

Do you know of any other business where you can complain that you're not making as much as someone else and then be given the opportuntiy to plead your case with charts and graphs? Um... no.

So, here's hoping this doesn't end with bitter feelings, but ends with a smiling Moulson and a happy Islanders management team and the #26 on an Isles jersey for a long time.

For details and explainations, I'd like to point you to an excellent article by Dominic of Lighthouse Hockey

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