Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kohn & Schremp Agree!

The press releases that arrived today notified Islanders Country that both Dustin Kohn and Robbie Schremp have agreed to their QAs.

Dustin has been withe the Islanders for three years and has agreed to a one-year, two way deal. Selected 46th overall in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, Dustin learned well in Bridgeport and had impressed the Islanders this past season. He seems to fit the current mold of being over 6' tall and young.

Also announced was the agreement between waiver wire pick-up Rob Schremp and the Islanders for a one-year, one-way NHL deal. This is the time Robbie should use to show everyone in the hockey world what he really has.

I have so many emails and Tweets saying they love his skill, but rumors of his bad attitude still follow him. I personally never saw that. I see a young man with talent that needed to be comfortable in his surroundings. I hope he can find a home here on Scott Gordon's roster. But he has to understand that Gordon won't take any lazyness. If you want to be on Scott Gordon's roster, you don't take a shift off.

If Robbie can play as hard on the ice as he does off -- he'll do just fine.

The Cupcake Groumet started a trend on Twitter under #NHLCupcakes. I was laughing myself sick with some of the ideas. I hope the NHL puts the best together for an article.

I received a surprise today when my cell rang and I saw it was from the Islanders' office. Imagine my surprise when I heard "Hey Dee. How you doing? It's Garth." Always a man of his word, he missed our scheduled interview last week and called to complete it giving me his undivided attention.

Of course I wasted about five minutes of our time looking for my notes, my recorder and my telephone pick-up, but I did get some answers from our GM: Some I can even print. I'm going to go transcribe those now.


Anonymous said...

Any reason we aren't going after Maxim Afinogenov? We have the money and we can instantly have a solid 3 O-lines with a good checking line. With a Moulson-Tavares-Okposo Line 1, a Parenteau-Schremp-Afinogenov line 2, and a Bailey-Nielsen-Hunter/Comeau line 3... I feel like we'll have a more than capable scoring offense. Lets be real Kovy isn't coming, and Max would be a great influence on the Kirils

7th Woman said...

Norm? Is that you?? I hope you get to see this if it is.

Well, actually I DID mention Afinogenov to Garth but did not get a committed answer.

Well, actually I sent him an email asking him about remembering any Russian he had learned in 2004 and when he told me he did, I sent him back the response "Then I have two words in Russian for you: Maxim Afinogenov."

I got a "haha" as a response. I believe he has that programmed as the "Dee" key as I get that response a lot from him.