Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing Beat the Clock

Please excuse me while I take a few days to work on an article for the new website, HockeyQuarterly.com. I've already written two for them and they are challenging for me as they are not blog entries that I can just pull out of thin air. They are articles that require research and thought as well as actually meeting a DEADLINE.

So, while I am working on my article on the Atlantic Division GMs, I've had to put two really good blog entries on the back burner. Now, if someone would pay me to do this for a living.... I'd have everything done in a far more timely manner.

Of course I'd be so fat I'd need one of those rascal scooters to get around with, but... Oh the sacrifices we make for our art.

Off to work. Anyone know where Kovalchuk will sign yet? Anyone care? LOL

Tuesday better be better than Monday.... or else.

1 comment:

Jeannie said...

Maybe Kovy will have a special on THN (they can stream video), you know like "King James" did on ESPN, to make the announcement.