Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunday Radio Links & A Coach's Question at HB

I was sadly under the weather yesterday and just couldn’t motivate enough to post, but I didn’t want to let this idea slip out of my head, so here it is.

Also up for discussion is Garth Snow’s camp invitational. It seems that the concept has drawn a lot of attention and I’ve even been asked to guest on Team 1040 Vancouver at 12:30 EST to discuss it. I was surprised when I received the email invite (from Iain McLetchie from TEAM1040 not from Garth) but I guess they are still surprised that I called the Isles taking Nino Niedereitter before the draft.

Okay, so I also freaked a little thinking that 1040 am is the same station that Ray Ferraro will be doing morning shows on beginning on his birthday, later this month. I'm going to have to try to quelch the fangirl in me on Sunday, but for sure I'll be squealing inside my head "I'M ON THE SAME RADIO STATION THAT RAY FERRARO IS ON!!!" Okay, it's the little things in life that mean the most.

And as if THAT wouldn’t be enough of me for one day, at 6 pm EST I will be joining my good friend Su Ring on her CCPT Hockey Show on BlogTalk Radio along with Courtney Beckham from "Chicks Who Give a Puck," Aussie puck princess Sasky Stewart from Heartbreak Hockey. I’m not exactly sure how all of us passionate hockey fans with distinctively different accents will work out, especially since some of us speak at the speed of light. But it IS August and this will make for some interesting hockey chatter.

No seriously, Sasky has that intriguing Aussie accent. Su has a lovely Seattle lilt, Courtney (I'm told) is from Minnesota and then there's me -- with that LAWNG EYE-LAND, pseudo Brooklyn thing going on. I'll try to remember to speak slower. I'll also try as I usually do on radio intereviews - NOT TO CURSE. URGH!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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