Thursday, August 12, 2010

You May Be Invited

Somewhat under the weather, I've spent the day on the couch attempting to work and keeping track of the Twitter stream. There isn't much going on, for sure. However, I did pick up on this:

A case of email invites, impolite or brilliant? At HockeyBuzz

Yeah, it seems that both Eklund (yesterday) and Kevin Allen from USA Today picked up that the Islanders sent emails to certain agents who may have unsigned players available at the time training camp begins in September. Smart move for sure and one that has been used before.

I'll also say this about hockey fans -- not only is everyone a critic, but everyone wants to run their own website and rumor reports. It can be both humorous and frustrating.

While I am criticized (repeated, vehemently and sometimes painfully) for writing for, I'll say this: Had it not been for Eklund and his little rumor mill, no one would have been talking about the NHL in those dark days of the work stoppage. I'll also say that the rumors are seeds of thought and possibilities planted by people who may have personal, ulterior motives or (occassionally) actual information. The words "It was true at the time." come to mind as I've been caught up in one or two stories that went south quickly and I went back asking for a reason I was given the information.

I personally don't do rumors. I don't believe in them because I have nothing to gain from them. I don't care about hits. If my site was monetized, I could probably make a fortune over some of the things I've seen in the locker room, but I would also lose the trust I have built.

That's not why I write. Lately I've been asked by plenty of people who are into the rumor thing for my response. When and if I answer, I either state my opinion (and mark it as such) or answer what I have been told. Generally, I trust what I hear.

So why am I bringing this up? Because there is a proliferation of new "trusted sources" out there making noise. Maybe it's just a short-term thing by people with too much time on their hands. I can only hope.

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