Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just a Scrimmage?

Well, I would not be there today, but many of the Blog Boxers were. I did watch the entire thing on ITV. In actuality, I probably enjoyed it more on ITV because I had the pleasure of listening to Chris King.

Ken Dick was there and offered up his thoughts on the 'events.' Great to see Rick DiPietro play a full 60 minutes, even though he was up to his usual tricks of making me scream "Get back in NET!" Wow! The Old Ricky is back! I did a quick hit this afternoon on HB.

Of course everyone will have an opinion on the injury to Mark Streit's shoulder. The extent of the injury should be known by Monday. But as my Twitter buddy @MattClausen said, the depth at D this season will keep any loss of Mark Streit from being catastrophic.

Here's a panoramic shot of the Coliseum
today from the camera of

And our friend Dominic had an open thread going. Wish I had known~!

Well, that's one. Next up those split squad games. On Wednesday 9/29/10 they'll be playing against the Flyers in Philly and against the Flames in Saskatoon. Friday October 1st the Islanders travel to Newark to face the Devils and then on October 2nd the Islanders will play their only pre-season game in Uniondale against the Devils while their second squad will play the Canadiens in Quebec.

They will have just one week to make all final cuts and decisions before the season officially opens on Saturday October 9th.

Hey! People! Is it Hocktober yet? ALMOST

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