Saturday, October 23, 2010

Isles in Sunrise FL

No time for a real pre-game entry here as I have to rush around and get ready to hit the #LITweetUp event at the Farmingdale Panera bread that will help out Island Harvest for those Long Islanders less fortunate. The event is from 12 - 4 pm and food and money will be collected to help those who need a little assistance in these troubled economic times.

So the Islanders face the Panthers tonight on MSG Plus Plus in good old Kleenex vision, channel 99 or 414 on your Cablevision service. I'll only have to remember that until Tuesday when I actually switch to FIOS because I'm done with the constant arguments and conflicts. Oh, and the high cost of my cable bill as well. No contracts, 4 cable boxes and saving $20 a month over what I pay now. Win win for me. No News12? Oh, well. I hear Fios One is pretty damned good too. Look out Cablevision, Verizon has had to bring in extra crews to handle the orders here on Long Island. Hope you enjoy your fight with Newscorp.

Oh, and Newscorp? Thanks for taking Fox5 and Channel 9 off the air this week. It made me realize I really don't need to watch the Simpsons and The Office over and over again. Not a problem. I will not be paying extra for your services.

I will be watching Rob Carlin's Islanders Pre-gaame show tonight where Matt Moulson takes on the 10 Question challenge. I'm rooting for you Matty.

Very fitting that the Panthers chose this game against the Islanders to honor Bill Torrey and will be raising a banner in his honor during the pre-game.

Andy MacDonald out 4 - 6 weeks with the hand injury and Jack Hillen will take his place. I do not believe that Josh Bailey should play in this game, even if he says he feels good enough to go. Nope. Hold him out a little longer please.

Bruno Gervais has still not seen any ice this season. Poor Bruno. He must be getting very depressed.

No word as of 11:11 am as to who is in net, but personally -- I'd go with Rolie.

Wow. I even run late on Saturdays when all I have to do is -- everything!


Anonymous said...

keep in mind wth fios you wont have msg in high definition.

7th Woman said...

It's okay, I already don't have MSG Plus Plus in HD, so what's the damn difference?? Two games I've been watching the Isles play in Kleenex vision.