Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Hat Trick for JT - But 2 Points Lost

I enjoyed the game for more personal reasons. I was home on the couch with my husband -- for a change. But the consensus seems to be bitter disappointment.

Fans seem to be disappointed in the choice of DiPietro over Roloson and over losing to a team that should have been just a little easier. I was yelled at by fellow fans for having the "you can't win them all" attitude which they felt is what has made this team mediocre to begin with.

Even Scott Gordon told MSG's Rob Carlin that he wasn't happy with what he was seeing, but that it was a learning lesson about what they need to do moving forward. The key word he used was "pace." So while the Islanders who have been depleted by injury have been able to eek out points, they have done so by being (according to Gordon) "more opportunistic."

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For those of us here on Long Island and would like to get to talk to John Tavares, I can tell you that he will be the guest speaker at the NY Islanders Booster Club's first meeting of the season tomorrow at the Marriott in Uniondale. There is a fee to join the club, but they do a lot of good charity work and have monthly guest speakers.

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