Monday, October 25, 2010

The NY Islanders Booster Club & the Nino Question

The question at hand is "What to do With Nino?" It's a tough decision and everyone is weighing in on it. What are your thoughts? Mine can be found here at

I'm going to leave this post up about the booster club for today and return with a Habs vs Isles preview before tomorrow.

Since I really don't have too much going on since I couldn't get to practice today and won't be able to get there tomorrow either, I'd just like to take this opportunity to say a few words about a much maligned organization: The NY Islanders Booster Club.

While some fans may look down their noses at this group of avid, die-hard supporters, I'd like to give you a little insight into them.

They are no different than any other fan with the exception that the Islanders take a little more of their free time as social club. This is a group that meets once a month during the season, but who also get together in the summer for Ducks games and other trips. These are the people that are willing to travel to support the team. These are the people who are there for the organization through thick and thin.

But their work isn't limited to the Islanders. The NYIBC does some amazing charity work during the year. They collect school supplies, food, books, Christmas gifts, you name it. They have a network of dedicated members that spend countless hours helping those less fortunate -- all in the name of the New York Islanders.

They greet every guest with open arms and a laundry list of questions. They are the no-holds-barred crowd when it comes to asking the tough questions of guests such as coaches, GMs and players.

Membership is $22 for adults and $17 for teens, $12 for kids. You'll get a newsletter with the write-up from the guest speaker as well as information on how the charities are doing.

If you're local to Uniondale, if you can spend one night a month listening to someone from the organization answer questions, if you want to meet other fans that have been with the team through thick and thin -- then check out their website.

And here's a TwitVid from tonight's Booster Club meeting with their first guest, John Tavares.

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