Thursday, November 18, 2010

Howie Rose & Garth Snow discuss Gordon

Because some of you don't watch the pre-game and some of you can't GET the pre-game on Center Ice. Howie Rose did a great job asking Garth Snow a wide range of questions about Scott Gordon and the team.

Things I found interesting was the explanation of the advisory position Scott Gordon will hold. But note "He'll spend some time with his family." Don't expect to see Gordon around until after January 1 if it all. Just my guess.

Jack is interim coach because he knows the team, the organization and -- he was easy to find. Personal opinion? Finding a new NHL coach for the NY Islanders will be a tough challenge for Garth Snow. Their reputation as a tough organization to work within preceeds them. That will be a far larger factor than the talent pool. Many coaches would love to work with the young players and help them develop. Actually, Garth, my buddy Steve Carlson said he was available and wouldn't mind a coaching gig again. Just a thought.

With December just around the corner, the Islanders will know what their position will be for trade deadline. Garth Snow has always said that his hands are not tied when it comes to spending money on the team in the way of talent. Finding willing talent is the problem. No matter what the argument, arena or other, top talent turns their nose up at offers from Uniondale more often than not. One possible way to get a top talent Free Agent here will be another Ryan Smith type deal where one team wants to punish a player for something and surprises him with a trade.

Malkin isn't pissing off anyone in Pittsburgh is he? No. I didn't think so.

One last rant before I get ready for work.

Hey Jack! I'll start saying to you what I said to Scott Gordon a few times last season. LET ROBBIE PLAY!!!!

Your roster has too many centers? Okay, give someone else the night off and put the man on the ice! His energy and attitude will be a benefit if not a distraction to the opponent. Oh yeah, he may even find the back of the net if you actually LET HIM PLAY!!!

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