Friday, November 19, 2010

Tough On Everyone

I need to do this quickly as I am at work, but this struck me.

After my post game report on Wednesday regarding the feeling of despair in the room, I noticed that none of the Isles players on Twitter were saying anything. Granted, it is hard to say something when you are down and wondering if you will get backlash for anything you say, but still. Twitter was designed as a place to exchange ideas and give insight. It may not have been to bad to get insight into the pain.

Well, Michael Grabner is one of those that gets it. Here are two of his Tweets after their eleventh straight loss:

TO:@jmarra9 trust me.every single guy in our locker room wants to turn it around and wants nothing more than to get a win.
about 20 hours ago via Twitter for iPad in reply to jmarra9

TO:@jmarra9 I am not apologizing.I know that every single guy in the room hates losing and hates what's going's not just hard in the fans
about 20 hours ago via Twitter for iPad in reply to jmarra9

I applaud Grabner for being brave enough to speak. These are dark times for the Islanders but we have to remember --

This too shall pass.


New York Islander Fan Central said...

Dee, how come you did not stick up for Snow on Botta's staged story comment?

Botta AOL FANHOUSE 9/11/2010
We will find out if the Islanders are serious about winning when the unrestricted free agency period brings an important piece to the puzzle, NOT STAGES STORIES like this summer of trying to lure Paul Martin and placing a call to Ilya Kovalchuk.

Paul Martin’s agent, Ben Hankinson of Octagon Hockey to NYIFC on 9/14/2010 via e-mail
As I stated before Garth Snow was very aggressive in pursuing unrestricted free agent Paul Martin on July 1, 2010. Garth called my office more than any other NHL GM. Garth directly spoke to Paul on the phone and also had Doug Weight call and speak with Paul. Garth offered more money than any other team. It was not staged. I certainly did not have time on July 1 to waste. I did express our (Paul’s) concerns about playing in an older building when Garth replied “Paul would be sitting on the (bleeping) players bench, not in the stands.” It was not a staged story.

By all means feel free to contact Mr Hankinson as I did to confirm.

New York Islander Fan Central said...

Sorry Dee, saw you posted it on Islander Country where the Wang hate runs wild, you have my permission to post my full blog entry as written with links to Mr Botta's comments and Mr Hankinson's answer.

Even take credit for it if you wish, just get our fans the truth, they deserve that much.

Thank You