Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nabokov's New Approach

Okay this will be a quick hit since I'm basically doing nothing at work because the servers blew up. Would be a smart thing if ALL the programs that Accounting uses weren't on the SAME server, but it looks like they are. So -- here I sit.

Now, because the servers were just freakin' FINE yesterday, I missed Clean-Up day at the Isles. Or as I like to call it Break-Down day as I usually break down in the parking lot after I leave. But not this year. So I'm relegated to watching the videos on the main website.

I came across this one of Nabby that was just so different from the others. Yes, they all discussed consistency and getting a better start but Nabokov had a different idea to get into the playoffs.

"Maybe we need a different approach. Maybe be the most unliked team in the East."

What? Evgeni, the Isles are already pretty much there by most accounts. But he did say that he felt they started something good and wanted to finish it -- the right way.

Have a listen. See if you think as I do: He doesn't like the media much.

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