Monday, April 14, 2008

The Sean Avery Firestorm

OMG!! I guess I should have known better, but... hey... I'm a little new at this, even though I've had a webjournal for over three years, the power of the internet still surprises me.

As I was completely disgusted last night watching the "Sean Avery incident" during the Devils game, I jotted down notes that I put together this morning and posted on a site that has all sports entries on it. Little did I know it would take on a life of it's own.

When I posted the article at 8 am this morning, I didn't know that Gary Bettman had already commented on the act. I heard all about it on XM's Home Ice while driving into work. I'm glad the NHL and 90% of the hockey journalists and commentators felt the same way I did: It was just unacceptable. But of course, there are two sides to every story, and those who will protect Sean Avery.

I'm glad the league decided to change the rules to make sure this never happens again without going unpunished.

My writing is always editorial opinion, even when I'm covering a live event. It's how I see things. I never expect everyone to see eye-t0-eye with me. I also never expected..... over 2500 hits on one article, or the lunacy that followed.

Note to self: Don't write about anything to do with the Rangers unless I'm armed with a whip and a chair.

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Anonymous said...

I heard one of the devils players comment that what Sean did was usually done in "street hockey" by 12 year olds. Sounds about right to me.