Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mark Your Calendar and Make your Plans

I'm sure you have heard about the meeting on Thursday, March 26th at 7 pm at the Marriott. Of course you have heard. You are an Islanders fan and you are reading here the same thing you read on all the other websites. But I'd like to ask you a favor. I'd like for you to not just read about the meeting for the Lighthouse project, but I'd like you to TELL people about it. You know you have friends who are Islanders fans or Long Island residents that are NOT that attached to the internet as you are.

Tell them to join you on Thursday evening and see how local politics works. Make sure that you keep an eye on The Lightpost and the Let There Be Lighthouse blogs for information and details. We've read the articles in Newsday by the political parties and developers. Now, attend the meeting and formulate your own opinion.

Now, in an effort to "plan" my offseason, I found these dates to mark on my calendar.

Apr. 12: End of Regular Season
Apr. 14: NHL Draft Lottery
Apr. 15: Stanley Cup Playoffs begin
Apr. 24 - May 10: IIHF World Championship in Switzerland
May 25 - 30: NHL Draft Combine in Toronto
June 15: Last possible day for Stanley Cup Final
June 18: NHL Awards Night in Las Vegas
June 26 - 27: NHL Entry Draft in Montreal
July 1: Free agency signing period begins
July 5: Deadline for player-elected salary arbitration
July 6: Deadline for club-elected salary arbitration
July 10: Deadline for eligible players to elect Group 5 free agency
July 20 - Aug. 4: Salary arbitration hearings held
Aug. 6: Deadline for salary arbitration decisions to be rendered

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