Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 11: Isles vs. Thrashers

Trying to find that elusive win! UGH!

Okay, for anyone who was looking for my reaction to the live Q&A Garth Snow did with Chris King yesterday, please see this post on

At first I figured Hell had indeed frozen over, but the GM answered honestly and in more words than I expected. The Twitterazzi (Did I just make up another word for the Twitttionery?)were upset there were no Questions credited to Twitter fans. I say that is because Kinger ran out of time as Snow's answers were not as brief as they may have expected.

On a more personal level (because this is my space and I can do that here), I'm adding the word "goosebumps" to the list of words that make me cringe when Mr. Snow says them. (The other one is "sprinkle." I shuddered just typing it.)

From a technical standpoint, it's interesting that the live feed was more pixelated at the posted tape. I'm sure someone can explain that to me, but not now.

I won't be there tonight to see the sea of Nordiques fans. Tonight my job is Officer's wife more than it is privileged blogger. Even though that means the Officer's wife will be standing at the bar yelling at the bartender "to put on the damn Islander game before I hurt you!" and beating off the Ranger fan firemen with my red velvet heels.

Ugh... we go through this every year. I just love the holidays.

Good luck Jack & Company. Find a way to win.

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