Friday, December 10, 2010

Yep, another one.

Another loss. Three failed power play attempts. Rick’s “little adventure” cost him, and the “when will Radek Martinek go down with injury” pool almost had a winner. It still may.

Is there any answer to the prolonged failure of the NY Islanders? Any? Can the power play ever be productive? Is it now at 0 for 42? The biggest black cloud in the stratosphere hangs over this hapless team. In the game recap on Rick DiPietro is quoted as saying "The frustration builds when you lose, period. It doesn't matter how close or how. One goal, 10 goals - a loss is a loss."

And they’re used to losing. As fans, we’ve seen these streaks before. Many teams go through these stretches. But not like this. Not so long that there is no hope left.

Read Justin Bourne’s latest blog on PuckDaddy with his interview with Blake Comeau. Justin tries to keep it light, but by now, it’s even worse.

I give Zdeno Chara high marks for his comment, "Give New York credit though. They played hard and battled back in the second." They did. Although the compliment didn’t make amends for knocking Radek Martinek out of the game for awhile in the first period and taking John Tavares out of the game with only eight minutes to go.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out that at least one of them will be out for awhile. That slap shot of Chara’s is deadly.

But how do they stop the bleeding? Where are the answers? Where is that divine intervention Wisniewski was looking for? Where?

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Anonymous said...

One big mistake Snow has made IMHO is not shaking up the roster. Since Gordon was "demoted" there seems to be no pressure from management to turn this team around. Its like they said,"oh well, looks like the season is ruined, lets just use it to see what Jack can do"

I hat eto seem my team suffer like this. It really sucks.