Thursday, December 9, 2010

Isles In Boston - Let's Make a Difference

Some thoughts on tonight's impending game here at

But I'm wondering if we can get some Christmas Magic going for this team that stands at a total of 15 points and five wins. Suppose everyone simultaneously did something at the same time tonight in honor of the team, maybe we can cause a rift in the atmosphere of losing.

How about at 6:30 pm tonight, as Rob Carlin's pregame show begins, we all say "Isles Win!" three times? Pretty easy to do, less messy than sacrificing a chicken (even if it is a Boston Market one), and maybe -- Just MAYBE -- we can make a difference.

Calling for goals from JT and #MightyMattMoulson tonight as well as Frans Nielsen. Calling for a win in regulation. Calling for Trevor Gillies to intimidate anyone and everyone. Calling for two points. And that's the most important call of all.

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