Thursday, February 17, 2011

Isles and Briuns at the Barn

And here we are and at 18:03 of the 1st on only two shots, Blake Wheeler manages to bank a puck off the back of Lawson's skate and in behind him. A few seconds later, Zenon Konopka, not willing to take any grief from anyone decides to fight with McQuad. Konopka gets an unsportsmanlike penalty along with his 5 for fighting, so Rob Schremp is in the box to keep him company. The Islanders have no shots on goal to the Bruins 4.

Recchi, the oldest guy in the league, seems to have a goal, but the goal is under review for being kicked in with a skate. although it doesn't look intentional. After review, good goal, no distinct kicking motion.

Not Nate Lawson's night as Paille sneaks another one under him on only 7 shots. Hwo long before we see the Big Cubano in net? Jack?

Start of second and at only 19:05, Nate gives up his 4th goal of the night on a bad robound shot and no help from his defense standing in his crease. The Isalnders have only managed 5 shots on net as they have spent the entire first period in their own zone.

John Tavares decides to take matters into his own hands and from an awkward angle to the left of the net banks one over the shoulder of Rask. That gets the Islanders on the board, but without blinking, the Bruins manage to catch Nate out of position again and Tyler Seguin makes it 5 - 1.

Hello, Big Cubano.

Michael Haely gets a seat in the box for a ten minute misconduct and none of us know why.

14:24 Josh bailey finds an open lane and beats Rask to make it 2 - 5 Islanders. He's found his grove again.

Well, as no good deed goes unpunished, the Islanders are served up with a too-many-men penality at 12:50 and who gets to sit in the box? Rob Schremp. Isles down a man and down by three goals. Face off to the left of Montoya.

Distracted by by Krejci and Macdonald in his crease, Lucic sneaks the puck right past Montoya's left side and into the net. This game is getting away from the Islanders quickly

At 15:30 of the Seidenberg is called for tripping on Rob Schremp. There is a little tussel with Hamonic, but only one player heads to the box and he's in a Bruins Sweater. Matt Moulson, parks himself outside Rask's net, but to no avail.

Start of 3rd and John Tavares has an excellent chance but the puck just skims across the goal line from post to post without going in.

The Islanders have managed to catch up to the Bruins with SOG, but not with goals. Grabner has another excellent chance but can't get a quality shot off. He does keep it in the Bruins zone though for other attempts.

John Tavares scores his second goal of the game at 12:57 of the third to put the Isles down by only three. Oh... and it's Wendy's chili time too.

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