Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Islanders Top Shelf: Bob Nystrom Interview 3/8/2011

Thanks to Johnny Z, I had the opportunity to interview "Mr. Islander", Bobby Nystrom, for Islanders Top Shelf immediately before the MET-RX "Skate With The Greats" event on Sunday at the Coliseum.

Nystrom has some interesting things to say about the event as well as the current NY Islanders team; their willingness to stand up for each other and where they are headed.

Excuse my lack of experience with a microphone and nerves. Just watch Nystrom. What a gentleman!


Unknown said...

You did a great job...great questions, and yeah Bobby IS a gentleman.

7th Woman said...

dear Anonymous: Does the bethpage federal credit union where you work know that you are reading my blog on your lunch hour? I could let them know. Exactly.

Anonymous said...

Nice interview. You should do more of that, player interviews, behind the scenes people, etc.

JP in NJ