Friday, March 11, 2011

Isles 4 Bruins 2 3-11-11

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And a little extra: I saw Rick DiPietro in the hallway tonight. The gentleman that he is, he stopped to talk to me. I will say this, NO ONE dresses better than that man. When I complimented him on his amazing sense of style, he said "Dee there's only two things you can control in this world. How hard you work and how you look."

Well, no one works harder than he does and you'll never find someone who dresses better.

First of all, there should be a limit on how long the national anthem should take to sing. I'm just saying.

Puck drop. Again, Justin DiBenedetto has drawn the ire of the refs as soon as the game starts. He gets 2 for roughing. I didn't see it.

The Bruins first power play of the evening and yes, Chara is getting booed when he is out on the ice. I like it!!!

Penalty killed off with Bruins managing only one shot on Montoya.

Shots mid way through the first are only 3 - 2 in favor of the Bruins and Montoya has seen them all.

10;39 of the first, and the Isles get their first power play of the game. Although in the first few seconds, it didn't look like one. Actually after a minute had gone by, it still didn't look like one.

Michale Grabner gets a clear shot into Tim Thomas crest as he stood to meet the puck. They managed four shots on goal during the power play and Thomas is a little rattled from a scrum in his net. He needs his skates looked at during the TV Time out.

At 13:13 of the 1st, Kyle Okposo is called for boarding. Another BS call. But the Isles killed off the penalty. But it was unlucky when Horton managed to get a puck behind Montoya at 16:29. The Bruins are the first on the board, but I think it just made the Islanders angry. They'll get it back.

They're still booing Chara, but I don't think he cares.

End of the first, Isles have managed more shots on Thomas, but one fewer goal than the Bruins. Drat!

Blake Comeau playing tonight though he was experiences some sort of muscle spasms

Second period under way and the Isles are out shooting the Bruins 15 - 9. Matt Martin had an excellent chance and was robbed by Thomas who managed some sort of ballet move six feet to the left of his crease

Seems like a lot of pucks going over the glass and a lot of blocked shots. The puck bounces off more legs and bodies than actual sticks. Also, too many turn-overs. Lots of shots, but nothing going in.

Best line tonight: @IslesRM just said "If this was a competition of who could shoot directly into the goalie's chest, the Isles would have won this game in the first period."

And I think I saw Matt Moulson throw two hits. For some reason, that seems odd to me. I don't know why.

Ugh. Okay, Milan Jurcina is sent to the box for holding and half a minute later Frans Nielsen gets called for crosschecking of all players, Chara. He went down to the ice and the crowd thanks him as he heads to the box putting the Isles down two men.

At 6:58, Chara makes them pay but putting the puck in the net behind Montoya as it was seen almost going through the netting due to the velocity. Nielsen still sits in the box for another 1:30 while the Isles try to kill off the one man advantage.

The Isles have to find a way to score this period or it will be a very ugly third.

With a minute left I decided to try my old trick. Usually the Isles would score if I was in the ladies room. They didn't fail me. Matt Moulson scored his 29th goal of the season. He can thank me later.

The third period began with SOG 30 - 20 in favor of the Isles, but they were are still down by one. Let's see who will tie this game up

The answer was indeed Michael Grabner, his 28th of the season at 1:28 of the third. Grabner actually managed to take three shots before it actually went in. He just did not give up and kept changing position to get it past Thomas.

The crowd came alive with that goal. There really is nothing like this building when it is energized

Earlier tonight, I Tweeted out that I felt a Jack Hillen goal. Sure enough a shot from the blue line by Jack bounced off Seidenberg and into the back of the net. I'd love to know what Tim Thomas said about that one.

That is Jack's fourth of the season

With 8:29 left of the third, Grabner again has a breakaway, turns on the jets and heads towards Thomas with big Chara on his tail. Sadly he shot wide. SOG now 40 - 25 in favor of the Isles.

Jack Capuano must have said something in the room after the second to turn up the heat on this team.

Horton takes a run at Jack Hillen and Hillen won't stand for the indignation. A little scuffle ensues. Horton is called for interference and the Isles are back on the power play.

Blake Comeau tries using patience to get the perfect shot off during the power play, but the Bruins continue to block everything. The Isles added no shots on goal during the power play. With 4:45 left, the teams go back to full strength but stay in the Bruins zone. Okay, for like a few seconds. Al Montoya makes a save, and then a second before the Isles clear the zone.

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Travelchic59 said...

I have pretty much refrained from commenting much, but I do have to get this point off my chest. I know it's me, but I CANNOT take when they have school children singing the national anthem. It irks me to no end. I know they are young kids, but it makes the team look like a minor league operation. Why can't they get PROFESSIONAL singers to sing? The other major league teams in our area seem to have no problem getting REAL singers to do the job. I wish the Islanders would follow suit.