Saturday, March 12, 2011

Matt Moulson Post Game 3-11-11

After the game last night, and Matt's 29th goal, he tried to gather his things for today's game in New Jersey. Stan Fischler and the MSG cameras came in and immediately wanted to talk to Moulson. Of course. He scored the pivotal goal that turned the momentum of the game. Also, he's always good for an interview.

But the PR director shuffled everyone towards Jack Hillen at the back wall, and the crush of recorders and cameras turned their attention to Jack and left Matt to go over his hockey bag.

Until I came over. Besides Matt's 29th goal of the season (and another $500 for charity I might add!!) I noticed something else in that game. Hits. BIG hits from Matt Moulson who is usually the one GETTING hit. So I asked him about them. When I told him he was credited with two hits, he was disappointed.

"That's it?" He looked up at me. "I thought I had more than that."

Nope. NHL stat machine says two. Along with the four shots, two blocked shots, one missed shot, three take-aways and one turn-over. Hey, they are very detailed. "I'll take two I guess. I'll take two."

Obviously they stood out in his mind as much as they did in mine.
The first hit was at 3:07 of the first and it was on that building called Chara. My eyes almost fell out of my head.

The second was a hit on Adam Quaid at 18:55 of the first that rattled the glass. I turned to my blog box buddies and asked them. "Hey, since when does Matt Moulson hit?"

@IslesRM Rob looked up from his computer at me, "You mean Matt MARTIN."

"No! No. Matty! He threw two hits." Both Rob and Ken Dick looked at me like I was hallucinating.

But, the Iron Man of the Islanders who has managed to play every game this season so far should back off on hitting and just keep scoring.

I asked Matt if the booing that Chara received all night effected the Islanders at all. "I don't think it effected us much. But, they're entitled to boo, I guess."

And then MSG's Stan Fischler was back, microphone in hand and I became trapped in the crush. One more inch and I would have fallen on Moulson. I had already tripped over a garbage can and a hockey bag. It's an obstacle course in there when they're about to travel.

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