Saturday, April 30, 2011

Isles Fans Connected!

Well, that was great fun. If you missed it, try to make the next one. You can also catch the podcast where's Tony Stabile argued, ah, guest starred with the IceCreep guys, Mike, Paul and Sean, for the entire show. Okay, well the Islander IceGirls did make a quick guest appearance too.

Always adorable and happy to take photos with the fans, IceGirls Christie, Alice and Sage spent some time talking with me about working as an IceGirl. Remember, tryouts will probably once again be in the summer and with the amount of beautiful women we have on Long Island who CAN skate, there should be plenty of applicants.

Darlings that they are, I've decided to adopt them and be the Official IceGirls Mom. See what you missed?

There was even a special menu set up! Although Blog Box buddy from OkposoNet, @RealKenDick came up with a few new names for what was on sheet. But no matter what you called the Nachos, they were very good.

After the show, I sat down with HockeyNightLive host Paul to discuss his new business venture. One that all hockey fans will really get behind.

HockeyActive 247, a marketing and promotion company launched in January will be for hockey what Tapout is for UFC. "An outreach company that is a complete, 100% advocate for the game of hockey from the professional level all the way down to the streets." The start of the new hockey season in October will be a big step for HockeyActive as they launch new brands, on-line stores and fan website. "We want to be a major sports marketer for hockey."

They're also taking their show on the road! HockeyNightLive is looking forward to broadcasting from as many different hockey venues as possible, from the draft to the all star game, to other arenas and leagues. They've already been working and helping the Brooklyn Aviators in their marketing efforts. "They don't have marketing teams, so we come in and help. We provide some consultation and bring awareness to what they're doing. We want to do that with some of the minor league teams in hockey."

With the amount of enthusiasm and passion that Paul has for this new venture, I can't see it not being a huge success.

Making an appearance sans children was new SuperHockeyMom blogger @Kathygc. A night out with friends and fans was just what she needed with her hectic life.

I unloaded the goodie bag when I got home and was surprised to see how much stuff they crammed in there. Including $5 off at the Isles Team Store that my daughter immediate snatched up.

Thanks to tireless efforts Islander Social Media department's @Katrina_Doell and @Dani3Boyz for their hard work pulling it all together. Also, thanks to @SpeckofTheDevs for making the trek out to Long Island to hang with Islander fans and watch the Playoffs. He too had a guest spot on the radio show.

See? Connected. That's what we are!

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JPinVA said...

Looks like great fun Dee. I hope to catch one of these in the future.