Monday, April 25, 2011

Isles Fans Getting Social

Hey… what’cha doing on Friday night? Wanna get together with other Islander fans for a special night of “misery loves company” mentality?

Sure, we’re out of the playoffs! Sure, this is another year of sitting on the sidelines and watching other teams compete for the cup, but that doesn’t mean we (the fans) have given up! No. Our time will come, but for now, let’s get social:

Join us for this special Isles Meet-up. The Ice Girls will be in attendance and we'll raffle off Opening Night tix, autographed memorabilia and more! There will be a special Isles Meet-up menu and the first 30 fans to RSVP receive Isles goodie bags. Join us for one game, a couple or the whole night!

I’ll be there! Even more importantly for me, I’ll be able to wear my jersey to something. YEAH! Finally.

When I told Eric Cairns today that I was excited to be able to wear blue & orange again, rather than just smiling at the yappy blogger that was monopolizing the GM’s time, he once again said something that will stick with me forever. It was only two words, but it had an amazing impact. He said “Bleed it.”

“I do!! Do you know how many blue and orange clothes I have in my closet that I can’t wear?” Then the voice on the other side of the executive desk quietly said “Only on game nights, Dee.”

Well, Friday isn’t a game night and I intend to bleed blue & orange.

New to social media? Not yet connected? Check out this social media primer. Hey, if Mike Bossy can do it, you can do it.

So as I had mentioned, I did get a one-on-one sit down with Mr. Snow. I had 18 minutes with the recorder on before he leaned over and shut it down. I was very grateful for the time, now I just need the time to transcribe everything.

Guess I’ll start now…

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Travelchic59 said...

I wanted to commment on your story about NHL Live but did not want to post on HockeyBuzz. My apologies for posting this here, but I absolutely AGREE with you. The new format SUCKS!! And the time change really makes it difficult to catch now. I try to leave the office at 530PM so no time to spend even listening. And due to the new timechange, Don LaGreca can no longer co-host the show. He and EJ had amazing chemistry and were so much fun to listen to/watch. It's just not the same. Stupid move by whomever made this decision. FYI, the good news is ESPN 1050AM gave LaGreca his own show at 2PM starting 5/9. His co-host will be Mike Lupica. It's not NHL Live, but it's something.