Thursday, April 21, 2011

Looking Back: Community Event Video

I was actually looking for the John Tavares Clean-up Day video when this new video of the Islanders community events popped up and started playing. The song's refrain, "This Is Home," caught my attention so I watched it.

What a beautiful compilation of photos and video of our Islanders giving back and making people smile. The magnitude of what they accomplished during this one season sometimes goes without notice. Watch closely and you'll see how many lives they actually touched in just a few months.

From a personal standpoint I can offer you this piece of insight. When you see Matt Moulson and Matt Martin with youngsters in the locker room and the tunnel, those meet and greets took place after some pretty heart-breaking losses. Most normal people would want to go punch a wall and then hide. These guys towel off, change and put on a smile and go spend one-on-one time with a special fan. They never rush thought it. They are always kind and caring. They'll take as many photos and sign as many autographs as the fan and their family want.

I stood in the hallway one night with one youngster's mother who was almost in tears thinking about the wonderful memory her son was going to have being personally shown around the locker rooms by Martin.

That's when I realized how jaded I had become. After four years, wandering the halls and the locker room have become just another night at the rink for me. I really shouldn't forget how very special it is or how very special these men we call NY Islanders are.

Yep. This IS Home.

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