Friday, April 15, 2011

TGIF? or #FF

I am working on a post about the Jack Capuano conference call. It's taking me a little longer than I expected. But then again, I'm not in any real hurry

Over on I posted a little something about Matt Martin. Yep, he certainly turned into one of my favorites on and off the ice this season. Matt was always quick to offer up that crooked smile of his and any information I might ask. More often than not, I just wanted to check up on him.

Okay, so while I work on something else, on Twitter (if you don't know, Friday's are Follow Friday or #FF. (Stop giggling, yes you can use those initials for a lot of things, but on Twitter it's just Follow Friday.) If you're on Twitter and you're not following @Capuanos_Hair, you missed a few good laughs. I don't know if this comedian will be posting in the off season, but he was pretty funny. Things like this below:

@Capuanos_Hair Not Jack Capuano Thrilled to be the coach but still need those 2nd jobs. LI is friggin expensive, and I'm not making Doc Rivers-type money. #Isles #NHL

@Capuanos_Hair Not Jack Capuano Cute little kid here tonight who dreamed of meeting the #Isles. Imagine how excited he was when we told him he was playing.

@Capuanos_Hair Not Jack Capuano Matt Martin blew straw wrapper at team lunch, starting missile war. One hit Mr. Wang reading paper at next table. He was not amused. #Isles

Then there is @jessedeisenberg who writes "Skates On A Plane," a
Tumbler blog. Great insight and funny. Often a little left of center, but then.... well... okay.

Need tips on teaching kids how to play hockey? Or how to be a good hockey parent for your kid? Check out @CoachChic and his great website. Dennis is a wealth of experience who stays up all hours of the day and night working, writing, teaching and conversing. He also has ties to our assistant coach Scotty Allen. (And from what I can gather, some black mail material as well.)

Very disappointed that my favorite drive time morning guy is now a behind the scenes sort at TSN, but @HTMBigCountry is now just @TSNShawn. Still a great guy and hopefully he'll continue to interact with his fans. (And he has plenty.)

There's also my favorite Nashville Predators' fan, terrific blogger and all-around good guy @TheViewFrom111. (He'll also give you financial advice as well. Very intelligent gentleman.)

And wasn't I happy (in a smug sort of way) to hear that @BComptonNHL (who is half the team on the all Isles SNY.TV gig) feels the exact same way I do about Zach Parise.

Git 'er done, Garth.

Party On. It's Friday.

To check out these Tweeps and thousands more, go to What ARE you waiting for? No. Really.

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