Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bergenheim: One Goal Away From MY Prediction

It's not proofed but I had to do it. Here on is my entry on the now productive ex-Islander Sean Bergenheim.

You all know how I've felt about Sean, but even I knew it was time for him to move on or he would never turn into the player I knew he could be. Well, he's found that home on the third line of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

And I couldn't be happier for him!


Mihael said...

Roli the goalie is contributing some too.

JPinVA said...

Right there with you Dee... but I have a feeling his "home" is gonna be temporary. Sean needs to cash in next year and I think the Bolts will be dealing with BUDGET constraints... you'd like to think that new ownership and another great cup run would change that... but it's Tampa Bay... WS, SB, SC... empty seats.