Friday, May 6, 2011

EX-Isles, Heroes In Tampa

So, yesterday I'm speaking with my good friend, Dr. David Lubin from Tampa. He was the 7th Man Award winner in 2004 for the Lightning and is a Bolts season ticket holder. He is also a family doctor, humanitarian and accomplished photographer with his own website. David and I have discussed the ups and downs of his team and mine for years now. (Some times the debates have been heated.)

But this season, he wanted to let me know how thankful the Tampa fans are for the two ex-NY Islanders who seem to have made the difference in the Bolts line-up.

Sure, they already had Vinny and Marty and that kid named Stamkos. They also have the kid I actually wanted instead of JT named Hedman, but until this season they never got very far.

That all changed with the arrival of Stevie Yzerman and Guy Boucher and a deal made in January for a 40-year-old goaltender named Dwayne Roloson.

Yep. Roloson's Tampa debut was a shut-out and he's been stellar for them ever since. I can't help but think that Yzerman and Roloson should send Garth Snow fruit baskets thanking him for the deal.

You add 1st round draft pick Sean Bergenheim and his seven playoff goals to the mix and you have a team that has now made it to the Eastern Conference finals. Not bad.

Now, Dr. David's seats are WAY up there in the nosebleed section of the St. Pete Times Forum. But then again, if I told you how much he pays for his playoff tickets (as an Islander fan) you'd puke. Let's put it this way -- his seat for a playoff game cost him less than it costs me to put two gallons of gas in my car. You do the math and then get sick.

David sent me these photos of "my boy Sean" yesterday. My my.... he's all grown up. No wonder they keep talking about him on all the hockey shows. He HAS finally arrived!

So thanks for the photos David. Maybe you can send me some when he lifts the Stanley Cup too. ;o)


Isles since 6 said...

Until Bergie does this in the regular season again next year he's just this year's ruslan fedotenko. He's having a great run in the playoffs but I don't believe he's "arrived" nor that he'd be capable of sustaining it

Travelchic59 said...

Anytime Scotty Bowman takes an interest in a player, people need to stand up and take notice of that player. Steve Yzerman was coached by Bowman for many years and I am sure he learned a few lessons from the man, including noticing Bergenheim. I am extremely happy for Sean. I, too, am a fan of his since his draft. It's too bad no Islanders coach ever new how to harness the talent Sean possesses to help the Isles. I wish Sean all the best and am rooting for the Lightning. They may be this years underdog and win it all. That would make me happy for all the ex-Isles on that team.

~me said...

He has grown up! Amazing how time flies when your having fun!
Speaking of fun~ will send you some pictures from my Mothers Day at the Shark Tank with My love and we may see you at the end of this MONTH!!!
Enjoy your special day and give love to your mom for me!