Saturday, June 25, 2011

Draft Party 2011 Recap & Videos Updated Sun 5:09 pm

Update Sun 6/26/11 5:05 pm: Here is the link to my buddy Rob's Draft reacp. Gee! He was even later than I was!

Also, here is Brad Kurtzberg from's take on the night.

Also, seems like Ms. Katie has info on those who were offered QAs. A few Sunday musings at

So the truth of the matter is I actually have to write my blog entries HERE on blogger and then copy them to because I've lost entries about 100 times in three years. I'm also not smart enough to use HTML coding without help.

I'm also always late with my articles. Maybe it's the drive time I need or maybe I'm just really really bad at not meeting imaginary deadlines.

So here is my recap of last night's draft party along with the videos that I shot on

Now on a more personal note, I would like to thank my Twitter buddy @NeilMairs for being such an awesome Islander fan and all around good guy. As an Islander fan living in VA, Neil gets his hockey fix from the Internet and making friends around the country through Twitter. Just proving that social media is more than just marketing. It's connecting.

So thanks Neil! You were with us last night in spirit! CHEERS!

Now I should go find the links to all my buddies blogs and post those too!

Here is NYIFYI's recap. Check out Mike S's offering at Ken Dick hasn't posted yet, but he will over at Okposo Net. Rob McGowan should have something over at TheCheckingLine later today. However, Johnny Z has some audio and things over at his Blog at YES!Islanders.

I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. But this will get you started for a Saturday morning before the next rounds of NHL Draft begin

I love this one of Kirill Kabanov from my fellow blog boxer Christian Arnold of Isleshockeyblog.

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