Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Full Speed Ahead to July & August 1st

Just before the 5 pm deadline for qualifying offers, Katie Strang Tweeted out which Islanders RFA's were offered up new deals and which were not. Yesterday the NY Islanders did the same on their website.

It's so odd in this day of Twitter News that once something is "officially" announced, it actually feels like "old news."

Dustin Kohn and Jack Hillen were NOT offered QOs and I am sorry to hear that about Jack. I am also sorry to see Bruno Gervais go because he is one of the most pleasant and well mannered young men you could ever meet. Bruno was signed to a one year deal with Tampa Bay last night. Now that he is signed, I suppose we'll find out what the Isles get from Tampa in that "future consideration" deal.

In an effort to understand what a Qualifying Offer relates to in dollars. At a 5% increase, Josh Bailey's QO is a little less than $920K. I'm thinking he will be offered more, but that is about the least. According to Nick Giglia, due to the way the CBA is written, Bailey's cap hit will go down. Not exactly good news for a team trying to hit the cap floor.

The only actual signing announced by the Isles yesterday was the two-way deal for Tomas Marcinko. According to Eric Hornick it is a $650K deal with a "Europe Assign clause." Not exactly sure what that is. I guess I should have asked him.

Thanks to TSN there is a sortable free agent tracker that seems to be updated in a timely manner. Not like TWITTER TIMELY, but timely.

The Isles Arena saga continues to be news as we head towards the August 1st County vote. Bill Daly made a phone appearance on SNY's PointBlank TV and basically said this is the last chance for the Islanders to stay on Long Island. No new arena and the team is gone after their lease is over.

God Forbid the vote on August 1st is a Countywide NO. There will be wolves at the door just waiting to snatch the team from us and head north. We cannot let that happen. There is too much at stake.

Newsday has yet another article last night that sort of struck a nerve with me. So Nassau County is doing (another) environmental study of the property.

The SEQRA review, begun several weeks ago by planners and engineers from the Department of Public Works, is expected to be completed after the Aug. 1 vote.

Um, how many of us remember how much money Charles Wang paid to have this study done only two years ago. But again, let's investigate traffic, water and garbage now that the plan isn't anywhere near the scope of the Lighthouse. Oddly, no indication of WHO gets to pay for it this time.

The Legislature would then determine if it wants the Nassau County Planning Commission to advise lawmakers in their analysis. But, Democrats argue, the administration of County Executive Edward Mangano should have kept the commission involved from the get-go to ensure that SEQRA was performed correctly.

Oh look, there it is. Welcome to the pissing match between the Democrats and the Republicans AGAIN over actually getting something done on the Hub property. Seriously, the SEQRA can't be performed correctly without the Dems INVOLVED in it? I.Hate.Politics.

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