Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Gaggle of Prospects Sign for Fans

Yep, the line was long. With a cluster of NY Islanders finest youngsters all in one place for a fan signing, these were the most ardent fans waiting patiently for autographs and to take advantage of the 25% off sale.

Long Island native Tony Romano arrived first and took his seat at the table behind his nameplate. He was taking it all in before the hard working Ann Rina brought the other players into the store. I was taking in the new merchandise.
It was an assembly line of sorts with the five good looking youngsters ready and waiting with Sharpies in hand.  Romano's dark hair made him stand out from the rest of the fair-haired young men in their team issued Polos.  Once things were rolling, Calvin De Haan admired his signature and quipped to Mikko Koskinen "Practice makes perfect, right?" 

Once the line was opened up to the fans waiting, I found it interesting that some were almost overwhelmed seeing so many of them lined up.  They didn't know what to do first.  But Ms. Rina, being an old pro at this sort of thing, quickly had things working in perfect order.  I stood back to hear some of the fan comments as they left the store with their new merchandise and signatures.

I actually chased this couple outside the store.  This is Mr. & Mrs. Burns, season ticket holders and (I'm happy to say) readers of mine.  Mrs. Burns was happy with the new draft hat that they all signed and "even spelled my name right."  Definitely not something that will be sold on eBay, but something to put in a personal collection to enjoy.
Evelyn Hamilton, season ticket holder since the 80s, comes out for all the events -- especially the sales!  She purchased one of the new patriotic t-shirts and had all five sign it.   It's a gift for the host of an Islander Party she's attending.  She bought one for her grand-daughter too who is also a season ticket holder.  Not sure who the Grabner Gremlin shirt was for though.  Lovely woman, dedicated fan.
I thought this was pretty cute.  I haven't grown up yet.  I still love toys.  This one is $11.95 and adorable.
While @Dan3boyz told me this is quite normal, I was amazed that this fan had all the boys -- sign the baby.  The little chubster will wear that autographed jersey for the next few months and then have something Mom & Dad can frame for him later in life.  Too cute.

Also too cute, the answers I got out of all five prospects to two simple questions. 

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patrick A.K.A sign guy said...

Excellent coverage as always and enjoyed listening to the young kids answer the question. You always have a smile on your face and good to catch up with you, Mckenzie says hi. Please keep us informed of any upcoming Arena events,lets go Boston!!