Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Long Island?

Okay, it seems that Katie Strang announced that Dougie Hamiliton is Prospect #2 visiting Long Island before the draft. So now we know that Ryan Strome and Dougie Hamiliton are on the list of "several" prospects.

So, who are the others? I'm guessing there are three more. They invited 5 last season. Let's see.

Who do you think will be invited to tour our Island and hang out with Eric Cairns?  So far the guesses are Larsson, Huberdeau, Belieau, Couturrier, Zibenjad, and Duncan Siemens.

What'cha think?


Anonymous said...

I believe Zibanijad already visited or is going to. He had confirmed to TSN last week after working out in Ottowa that the Isles were one of his stops.

CanadianIsleslifer said...

Mika Z, Dougie Hamilton, Sean Huberdeau, Strome and Larsson