Friday, July 1, 2011

FA Day & Lobster Tortellini

Okay, I promised I would post this.  Hockey first....
The Islanders were very patient today and didn't make any foolish moves just to make moves.  They did sign Marty Reasoner to a two year deal at a very reasonable price.  Reasoner is a veteran who, according to @BrooksDSimpson has more skill than Konopka and a more offensive upside.  He'll also be able to win some faceoffs and hopefully not be so quick to be sent to the box.

Now, during the #LITweetUp on Thursday in Hauppauge I happened to mention my Lobster Tortellini on my way out the door.  I should never throw out anything with the word "lobster" and then try to leave.

So here is the full recipe for my decadent little pasta dish, with love from the Queen of the Shortcuts.

Tortellini w/lobster & peas on Twitpic

You'll need:
1 pkg frozen cheese tortellini (tricolor or not)Meat from one 1 1/4 boiled lobster or 1 cup of lobster meat if you maybe went out and ordered four twin lobsters and couldn't finish them.  I bought one 2 lb lobster and made two dishes from it.
1 Jar Bertolli (or your favorite brand) Garlic Alfredo Sauce (yes, it's in a jar.  I'm not making it from scratch.  It's not worth it.)
2 thin slices of prosciutto or tavern ham diced.
1/4 cup frozen peas
1 tablespoon fresh (or dried) tarragon (don't use as much if it's dried)
1/4 cup milk
Breadcrumbs for garnish

When water for pasta is boiling, throw tortellini in.
In medium saucepan, empty jar of sauce and add 1/4 cup milk into jar to get the remaining sauce out of it.  (This stuff is thick like wallpaper paste) 
Add the rinsed frozen peas, the prosciutto or ham, the lobster and the tarragon.  Stir well.  cook on low heat stirring religiously.  As all these items are basically cooked already, they just need to be heated through and have the flavors meld.

It will need pepper.  Trust me.

Don't overcook the tortellini, but when it's done drain but do not rinse.  Place in shallow dish and then cover with lobster sauce.  Stir thoroughly to coat.

Add breadcrumbs to the sides as garnish and if you have parsley, put a small floret in the center.  If you don't need presentation on this, then just add the tortellini to the pot with the Alfredo sauce and eat it straight out of there with some warm Italian bread.

bite anyone who comes near you looking to share because it's just that freakin' good.


Ascending Butterfly said...

That looks Delish, am totally going to try it!

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly


Something tells me you are a very very good cook or should i say chef. Will serve this up one day with family and get the reviews.