Friday, July 1, 2011

Is There Anything Left in that jar of Free Agent Sprinkles

UGH!  For years I would cringe every time Garth Snow used that term about "sprinkling in free agents."  Well, today we get to see if he has any sprinkles left.  Some went down the drain a recently, so not sure what's sitting at the bottom of the jar.  But I suppose we'll find out.

Free Agency Frenzy used to make me sick as a fan.  I'd be worrying if my favorite players would be wearing some other sweater come October and I'd have to immediately hate them.  But as a blogger, or "Fan Advocate" as I like to call myself (and a moniker that @LovelyLu bought the domain rights to while we were sitting at the LITweetUp last night in Hauppauge), I will be glued to the internet and @TSNBobMcKenzie like the rest of the Hockey world waiting, waiting, waiting for that BIG signing.

Although I'm not sure how much bigger a signing there could be since the Buffalo deal with Erhoff. I like the way Bruce Arthur put it, today is "Can wait to be overpaid #whateverynhlfreeagentisthinking"  Love it.

Okay, so let's see what happens today.

Is it too early to start planning for a trip to Boston for the first Preseason game?  How about the one in Bridgeport on October 1st?  Too soon?

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