Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nassau Chambers of Commerce Support the Isles Arena Plan

When I opened my copy of Newsday this morning, I expected to find the same articles about the battle between the Democrats and Republicans over the Nassau Hub and Ed Mangano's plan. But instead I found one small article that I almost passed up.

It was a report on a support rally that happened yesterday at the Coliseum Deli in Uniondale. This is what the Isles site had to say about it.

However the article I read in the morning papers is not available on line. It is written by Sid Cassese and was on page A14 in the Suffolk edition. It noted that FORTY member organizations have put their support behind Ed Mangano and his plan for the Hub which includes a new Coliseum and Ballpark.

My favorite part of the article is the close. Ralph Galdorsi, owner of the Coliseum Deli said "You don't have to be a hockey fan, but be a Long Island fan, a Nassau county fan. On August 1st, say 'yes.' Invest in Nassau County."

Perfect right? So why isn't it on line Newsday?


New York Islander Fan Central said...

Because Chris Botta wanted to make sure things are good with his future Msg credential, by getting some former Rangers to wholeheartedly support the Coliseum plan, while Dolan's paper does all they can to run the team and the project into oblivion with the other hand.

All a big shell game designed for the AHL LI Rangers on Msg+ to quietly ride in the good guy October 2015 saving hundreds of million in cable contract money.

Anonymous said...

Whether you think CB is padding his resume, (personally I don't) is irrelevant. The fact is he has brought more positive attention to a cause that he and many other people strongly support.

7th Woman said...

No, you missed the point. I think Chris Botta did a GREAT job bringing it to everyone's attention when Newsday was slow on the draw! Chris has always been hands down better than everyone else at getting the information out. And leave your name for pete's sake!

JM from Wantagh said...

Was pointing out that CB was not posting this information to pad his resume as was suggested by NYI Fan Central. But to bring more positive attention to the Wangano deal that he believes strongly in as do I

7th Woman said...

As MANY of us do JM! Yep, those of us who are FOR this project have to make sure we are not overshadowed by those who oppose it. We have to look at the big picture and the future of the Island and NOT just the Islanders.

And thank you so much for leaving a name. I like to be able to address people. :o)

New York Islander Fan Central said...

Dee, I did not miss the point on anything. Botta is scared to death of Dolan and that was getting ahead of things to make our partner who hides our team year-round (unless it's bad news) seem like they have no vested interest.

Nothing could be a bigger lie, they will ride in as they did in Hartford and are considering doing at the LA Forum.

Here's Dolan's media person former Islander employee Jim Cerney viewpoint on the Islanders last December:

Obviously since Picker interviewed with Botta, you have put him back on the allowed list.

Sadly, you also omit your own entries on Dolan's paper going above and beyond to dump on the Islanders but not Dolan's Knicks.

As for Botta, he made a non-issue out of Coliseum repairs Monday to stir things up for himself.

For a paper so big on Islander media transparency (the one giving Botta space) the NY Times does not even allow it's reporters to vote on NHL awards and Arthur Staple was not consulted on vote and disagreed with it.

New York Islander Fan Central said...


When Chris Botta makes James Dolan and Sather the story daily like he does with Wang/Snow, when he scrutinizes every Cablevision move like he does with the Islanders and questions the true Msg coverage and reporting double-standards of our team in his paper and on his network, when he goes after Cablevision prices, parking and everything he's quick to jump on about the Islanders that is negative, then he is credible.

New York Islander Fan Central said...

One other thing. Dee is a nice person, there is absolutely nothing personal here asking her hard, but fair questions. I realize now her first answer was responding to anonymous.

Nothing personal against Botta either, but all teams and information must be treated exactly the same. Obviously he does not go there for reasons that must be questioned.

Same thing for Dolan's Newspaper, when Dolan permits the same media scrutiny of himself, for the Knicks, Rangers as Wang receives along with other sports owners, then the coverage is fair.

Dolan's newsday forced a walkout of the editor because Dolan would not allow criticism of the Knicks Eddie Curry, the people at Newsday have comments along with Wallace Matthews who quit on these policies, so they are not theories.

Botta will not touch it.

Thank You, Dee.

7th Woman said...

#EVILDOLANEMPIRE!!! And thank you. :o) In all honesty, there are always things any of us won't touch. We have to survive in this sandbox and especially those of us (like me) who don't have a managing editor telling us what we should or shouldn't write, we have to pick our own battles. Some fights we shy away from some we battle even when there is no one on the other side defending themselves. We're bloggers. We don't have to be "accurate, fair & reasonable" we just speak our minds. But I agree Newsday should indeed be FAIR & REASONABLE and not the one sided, muckracking, self-serving, liberal rag that it is. See? one sided argument here. One I'll always be guilty of.

IslesPassion21 said...

Why was this article in the Suffolk section and why was it so small???Sounds shady to me...This is NASSAU news...Seems like Dolan tried to bury that bit of good news...I cant believe Ragsday is doing this to us!!!Where is the positive press from Wangano???Its like wang went dark again