Friday, August 19, 2011

Aug 19th, A Day of Viewing Infamy

Yes, it's here.  The day of the Isles infamous Viewing party that received more National attention than Matt Moulson's rise to stardom is finally upon us.

New Meet Up details are here.  Now, will CNN pick up on the Isles host a SABRES GAME viewing party at the Marriott in Uniondale?  I doubt it.  No, gathering to celebrate Michael Grabner's play in this game won't even get a notice.

The only reason why the game was changed at the request of the NY Islanders was the national media attention it received.  The media has been able to manipulate the outcome of just about everything from politics to sports.

It is truly a shame how the voices of few manage to change the direction of others.  But tonight, Isles fans will still gather together and talk about the up coming season but because of the attention they will now also talk about -- the Penguins.

So... who's going and showing their support?

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