Saturday, August 20, 2011

So, Where Was the Media?

So for all the noteriety and fuss over tonight's NY Islanders Meet-Up, the only "REAL" media type to show up was Brian Compton of and he was not there in an official capacity.  He was there with friends.

Considering the national media attention tonight's Meet-Up received, you would think ONE media outlet would be there to cover the "less-offensive" viewing of the Isles vs. the Sabres.  There were none.  I am very disappointed.

So while the die-hard fans showed up because they just wanted to get together for hockey, the defiant ones came in Haley jerseys and brought personal DVRs with the "game that shall not be mentioned" streaming on their table while they chowed down on the Core of Four Sampler plater or @Grabs40 Wings.  But where was the media to capture the defiance and compiance?  Nowhere.

Did everyone have a good time?  You bet your K.O.'s A-OK Quesadillas they did!  There was applause when Grabner scored his goals and cheers when Haley either fought or scored (my head was in my netbook).  There were raffles and prizes and laughter and talk of the coming season and how good the team could be -- should they JUST (Dear Hockey Gods!) for once stay healthy!

Yes, it was all fun. Although long before the game started, it felt like I was sitting in Hell's Kitchen and not waiting for an Ice Hockey game.  Seems Champions may have forgotten to turn on their air conditioning for a little while.  When I finally realized it wasn't just my personal furnace going at full blast and those around me were melting as well, it was time to get some one to DO SOMETHING about it.

Thank you to PeteyRocks for his generous hospitality and company tonight. 

Thanks to @Dhoch08 for playing 20 questions with me about whatever OFF ICE  news is coming down the pike early next week.  I lost.  Although I should have asked our favorite Ice Girl, she knows.  However, she's going to Law School so she probably would have pleaded the 5th!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to stay and talk long with my favorite radio personality, Mike Carver, aka @IcecreepsMike.  Although he had a date with this beer thing that @TonyStabile and @BComptonNHL had waiting for him upon his arrival.

Thanks to @Katrina_Doell, @Dani3boyz and @D2theYan and all the Isles staff in attendance for making the evening enjoyable - although not quite all it was hyped up to be.

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