Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rookie Game Part 2!

Did you get to watch the game last night on the net? It was great to hear Chris King call a game again. I couldn't watch most of it because I was busy at the sink, but that didn't matter as Chris makes it come alive just from his description. I love that guy.

Tonight's game is open to the public and only $10. Tickets are still available and it is a great bargain and chance to see the future of your franchise -- and a surprise or two.

Come on down!

Side note: The photo that I posted of the Twin Towers was taken by my good friend Dr. David Lubin. He was the NHL 7th Man Award winning for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2004. As if being a doctor wasn't enough, he is also an accomplished, professional photographer. You can check out his work for purchase at www.Dajalu.com, or even commission him if you are in the Tampa area. Good guy, great hockey fan.

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