Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Isles 5 - Tampa 1 Final Ullstrom 1st Goal

8:am okay the RIGHT photo of the puck. tHe other is his first POINT scored at the Buffalo game as an assist!

The mood in the room is so much better after a win. The music is blaring and thumping. The players are poking fun at each other and laughing. There are smiles all around. It is just so pleasant and not something we've had to often this season so far.

David Ullstrom was surrounded, of course, as the guy who scores his first NHL goal usually is. But it was such a beautiful goal on a drop pass by Josh Bailey that he said "I yelled the whole way for it. He heard me at the last second. It was just a great pass." He was the first one to compliment Wallace for his "great job" in his call up. "He works extremely hard."

Being a bit of a prophet, Ullstrom told the PR staff this morning that he had a good feeling about tonight. "I think I'm going to score my first goal today. And I did. So it's pretty funny." Sadly he didn't have the lotto numbers.

The hard work all around is paying off in confidence. "We've been playing hard for awhile. This is a hard working team." He said it's doing the little things and getting them right that make the difference.

For Josh Bailey, I wondered what was different about him that's causing him to play the way we all had hoped he would. "Is it the hair cut?" I asked. He laughed. "I've had it for a little while now so I don't know if you can call it that." Well, if that's not it, what is it?

"I think I've played pretty well personally lately. I think our line is playing pretty well. Ullstrom is a great addition and I think Wallace had a heck of a game. You know, getting those power plays shifts helped too. You get o make those passes and some skilled plays and that helps to get the confidence back as well."

Confidence breeds confidence as the entire team seems to be playing at a different level. "I think winning leads to confidence. We're happy with the way things went lately, but I think we haven't accomplished anything yet. We've got a couple more big games coming up here at home."

They play Thursday and Saturday and have to also make time to visit schools and hospitals for the holidays.

Matt Martin who had a goal, four hits and four shots said they certainly didn't want a repeat of last season. "We don't want the season to be over before we get started. We're 9-11 and 4 or something right now. We right back in the hunt. We're happy to get things rolling."

We're happy too.

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