Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Morning After the Caps win

I'm not really awake yet. The alarm clock went off at 5:50 am, and I hit the snooze button twice. I was dreaming about trying to find the address of my daughter's Karate school for someone and was tearing through my purse. I didn't find it. And oddly, my daughter hasn't gone to Karate school in six years.

Is my subconscious mind searching for something I can't locate, but still seek, to no avail? Probably. And that search is for TWO regulation points, not ZERO or ONE. (Granted, I agree with Scott Gordon who said "One is better than none.") But the search is becoming daunting.

The glimmers of hope the Islanders offered up last night during the game made IslesOffical Doug wonder if he needed to perform CPR on IslesNation Stephen. I didn't think they would be able to come back, but Stephen told me "Don't give up!"

He was right as Sutton brought the deficit to one goal at 11:19 of the third, and then miraculously Jon Sim tied the game at 17:47. Those in attendance became loud and excited. There was hope again. Loudville, which had been somewhat sparse, became a magnet and those in other seats joined them. The IceBreakers (AFL unemployed dance squad) joined them to get the rally going.

As the clock wound down, and the buzzer sounded, we knew it wouldn't be a pointless night. But as overtime started, we all said the same thing. "Watch Ovechkin! Don't leave him alone." And with 10.7 seconds left, the threat we had preached became a reality. The Caps celebrated in a wild huddle as Scott Gordon walked past them after his team had left the ice.

Some of the Blog Boxers opted not to go to the post game. Doug and I opted to hear Gordon out and then leave after that. The weather along with the loss made that choice for us.

The truth is, there are no more questions to be asked of Scott. They have all been asked, and answered. I found it interesting that as the four minute mark of the press session drew close, "Two more questions." the media was told. And the media fell silent. There was nothing left to say. Scott walked away from the podium and we all packed up.

As the press room is next to the shower room, it is normally loud and raucous and difficult to hear Gordon speak over the music and player chat in the next room. Last night there was only the sound of running water.

"Everything is desperate at this point." Gordon answered as Logan asked if the rally in the third period was a product of desperation. It's December, this was the seventh straight loss, and the are new injuries daily. I don't believe you can get more desperate than this.

The only thing to take away from the game is that Doug Weight is that much closer to his 1000th career NHL point. When it comes, we will all celebrate for him -- or about a nano-second if it is not during an Islanders regulation win.

On personal notes, my evening was wonderful because I was able to send a little time with IslanderQueen (which I hardly have time to do any more) and with Dina, who stopped by with that great basket of home baked goodies. She stopped to jump online and check out what was going on in the Live Chat. She would have stayed to blog awhile, but she WAS working, always monitoring the instructions in her ear from the crew.

I was so hoping that Bergeheim or Bailey would have scored. That would be a wonderful Christmas gift for Bailey. I hope he gets it.

The drive back home in the falling snow was tedious. I didn't expect this weather. But looking at the lights on the houses in the glistening snow always makes you feel good. My husband always calls me Mrs. Grinch at this time of year. He says I have lost the "Spirit of Christmas." He's probably right.

Recently I've been carrying the bell from the Polar Express in my pocket trying to regain the magic. You never know, there may be one or two Christmas Miracles out there, for each of us on a personal level and perhaps for the team we follow. We just need to believe

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Michael Eason said...

There's no quit in these Isle's. I respect them greatly and I know that they'll be heard from sooner rather than later.