Wednesday, February 25, 2009

58 Perfect Minutes of Hockey

Because sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned. Over and over, that’s what seems to happen. No matter how much I want to get something done and over with, there are always obstacles. I’m positive God just likes screwing with me.

But enough about me for now, let’s whine about the game. The Islanders game that is. I didn’t see the Rangers Leafs game so I can’t whine about that one. Although I can whine about the fact that the Ranger game was on MSG in it’s usual TV channel while MSG Plus was floating around the atmosphere and for the most part, not in HD.

Let’s just put it this way. The Islanders couldn’t buy a goal. Oh, yes, they tried. But Sean missed the net on a short handed breakaway and Martinek hit the crossbar for two of the best Islanders 2nd period chances to score.

Believe it or not, I saw Sim almost scored another one.

I watched Godard hook Jackman. Two big 28s skating side by side, trying to make something happen. Godard ends up in the box. It doesn’t really matter. The Islanders were 0 - 3 on the power play with no shots on goal for any of them. How bad is that? If you can’t score on the power play, how can you win a game?

Okposo shots keep getting blocked and Josh keeps cracking his neck.
I think the Penguins are a different team without Crosby almost as much as they are a different team with Bylsma behind the bench.

The score was almost cracked open by a Penguin bullet, but the red light didn’t go on and there was no horn as at 10:02 of the third. Various angles revealed the Penguins luck was just as bad as the Isles as another puck hit the crossbar.

Tamby took an unfortunate penalty for hooking on Staal, and Danis makes a few beautiful saves and lady luck sits with him for awhile as the puck danced around the back of his net for awhile making everyone sit on the edge of their seats. According to Jaffe, it was McAmmond that saved the goal.

Orpik levels Gervais, but no one really cares. Okay, I’m sure Bruno cares. With only six minutes left to the game, and there was still no score, but a lot of urgency.

And with 2:28 left of the 3rd, Sykora finally scores for the Penguins from the side of the net. It is his 23rd of the season. Okay, so tonight, it was a good 58 minutes of hockey. Almost perfect. But almost doesn’t count.

With 1:14 left, the islanders net is empty and Guerin’s stick snaps in half and somehow, the Islanders manage to keep the Penguins from scoring on the empty net. Whether it was the bad ice or just dumb luck, the Islanders kept the puck out of the empty net for the two minutes.
I didn’t like the spills that Okposo was taking this entire game.

Penguins get the two points. The Isles get the first flight out.


Travelchic59 said...

I care that Bruno got levelled. What's with the haiting on Gervais?I wish everyone would just leave him alone and stop picking on him. He is playing some of his best hockey since being paired with Streit. I still think he will be a very good Dman for us.

7th Woman said...

Actually... I really meant no one on the ice cared. I care too Mary. Bruno has been playing well. I agree.