Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 7: The 87th Game of the Season for #87

This is it! Tonight's the night that the entire league has waited for since camps opened last year. I would say it's been toughest on the media with the multiple game 7s that took place this year. I'm sure some of them wake up and don't even know where they are any more.

But tonight we find out if it will be Marian Hossa or Sidney Crosby who ends up with their name etched on the Cup for eternity. So many side show dramas. So many fans biting their nails. It's going to be interesting. I'm just hoping the Internet isn't more interesting tonight than the actual game.

However, today's news is more interesting in a bizarre sort of way than anything we could make up. The State Senate has turned into a sideshow that I can't even read about because it will do nothing but piss the living daylights out of me. I never thought I'd see the word "coup" in conjunction with my own government.

Then again, I never thought I'd hear that Cher's daughter, Chastity Bono, wants to be a man. WTF? And she waits until she's 40 to do it? Hey Newsflash. Sex change is beyond major surgery. It's a series of major surgeries. We don't heal as well as we get older. And honey, er, uh, Sir.... you're OLDER.

There's a small article in Newsday regarding yesterday's Nassau County meeting with a headline of "Suozzi: Lighthouse a big draw." Tom Suozzi wants to have the St. Patrick's Day Parade there when it's built. Well, okay then.

However, I heard the words "land grab" all yesterday. I'm tired of it. Maybe I misunderstand the meaning of the words together, but to me it sounds like theft of actual property. I can't explain to these detractors that 1) The County CHOSE Wang & Rechler to propose development of this COUNTY land. 2) The County is not SELLING the land, they are leasing it.

This isn't greed, it's economic development. I've come to the conclusion that you will never in a million years make everyone happy. I'm just hopeful that more people get "happy" because I seriously can't take the negativity. UGGGHHH... I should just stop reading the paper and watching the news.

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