Thursday, June 11, 2009

Local Government - Live on Twitter!

Sorry, but I do find it truly amazing that I can go onto Twitter and find quotes and minute to minute descriptions of the action of so many government proceedings. I found it fascinating in the Phoenix Coyotes court and now I'm using it to catch up on the Tom Suozzi meeting that I missed this evening.

Even veteran beat writer Greg Logan blogged about tonight's meeting. (And to think we used to have to wait for the morning paper to hit the driveway in order to find out how things went. Now, we're in real time. It's mind boggling.)

But while I am fascinated at the technology, I am also fascinated by the ease of which we can become complacent. Certainly things look rosy as all parties are sitting down, shaking hands and making nice nice for the camera. But please do not forget that there are many other ToH communities who are still waiting for THEIR campaign promises to be fulfilled.

While the majority of attendees were supporters of the LighthouseLI project, support does not mean it will actually get done. It only gives the impression it will have more than a snowball's chance in hell of getting done.

We all feel good after all the great press from this past week, but let the optimism be cautious at best. The Town of Hempstead is not yet off the hook and considering what the hell is going on in Albany right now, how can we expect assistance from them? It's a political three-ring circus upstate between the Democrats and the Republicans. Our little political struggle is only a side show.

Again, our best hope for this to get to a point where it is a financial success for everyone and done correctly is to "advocate and educate."

And speaking of "Educate," I attended a high school achievement award meeting tonight. I'm amazed at what my school district actually has accomplished this year. Long Island is a wonderful place to grow up. We are very lucky. We need to keep growing and getting better. And we can.

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