Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stanley Cup 2009

Sidney Crosby's name will be etched on the Stanley Cup along with Malkin's. His landlord's name is already on it.

At the house party I attended with some of my blog box buddies and my NYIC friends on Friday, the votes were almost split down the middle. There were five votes for Detroit and six for Pittsburgh. My heart wanted Pittsburgh, but my head thought for sure the Red Wings would prevail.

We hardly watched the first period as we all chatted and mingled. We stuffed our faces with Italian food during the second period and settled in with deserts for the third. (We had fabuous hosts.)

Before the game even started we all agreed the first goal the was the most important. My jaw dropped when they scored two.

"If Pittsburgh wins, I hope I have a house to go back to in Detroit. They may riot." Said Rockit's girl. She was legitimately nervous. But Detroit is not Montreal and I was hopeful there wouldn't be mayhem.

The last three minutes of the game were edge of your seat excitement. We waited all year for this. It was well worth it.

But now what will I do? ugh.

Congrats to the Penguins and all their fans that never gave up hope. Bill Guerin has made it into Hockey history along with other former NY Islanders who will be sporting Stanley Cup rings from this year. So sorry Hossa, maybe I should have read your cards before you made the decision to switch teams.

On to the NHL Awards, the Entry Draft and Free Agency Frenzy. Sadly, it really won't be enough to keep me from going through NHL withdrawal. But what can we do? Not much except just wait.

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~us said...

To a great NHL Season~

Congrats to the Penguins!
to Dana, his mom Judy and the rest of the family. We all knew who stopped Detroit's last attempt and it wasn't Ozzy!
To a great year and many more~
We had a great time Friday and looking forward to many more!