Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Going to Take Seven!

Which is exactly what those of us who don't really have a horse in this race were hoping for. The sheer idea of holding onto the hockey season just a little longer.

While everyone was preparing for the Red Wings to waltz around with the cup last night on the Penguins ice, there were those of us in the Twitterverse crossing our fingers for an upset to bring about a game seven.

Marc Andre Fluery heard us and granted our wish. Lord Stanley was promptly put back in it's case and escorted out of the building and back onto a plane. The hockey faithful get one more game. The Pittsburgh Penguins get one more shot at winning it all. We won't know if they are up to the task until Friday.

Yesterday, while listening to Bill Watters on Toronoto's 640AM radio at work, I had the pleasure of actually hearing an interview with NHL top prospect Matt Duchene. I was more than impressed. So were his radio hosts.

"He's not seventeen! He can't be! He's at least 23." The host exclaimed because the answers Matt gave to each of the questions in the 12 minute segment were thoughtful and mature. He discussed the types of questions that are asked at the grueling combine he attended. The one he remembers most was "What are you most afraid of." It took a little but Matt fessed up to his answer.

"My worst fear is being insignificant." He went on to explain in brilliant detail what he expects to accomplish. It was an eye-opener. They should put the podcast link up so everyone can hear it. When they do, I will post it.

Okay, so what the heck is up with NBC & the NHL and not airing the games on the big screens at the arenas? I would be very interested in an official statement from the NHL or NBC regarding the thought process behind garnering the anger of so many hockey fans. No. Seriously. Give me a valid reason for this clause to be put into NBC's contract because I can't see the value in it.

My thought: Let's boycott an NBC airing of "The Office" to show our anger. Anyone want to join in on that?

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CuP rAiSinG PaRty @ oUr HouSe!

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