Monday, November 2, 2009

Isles over Edmonton 3 - 1. That makes FOUR

7am Edit: Who the hell needs to transcribe notes when ITV captured all the interviews. It's worth it for everyone here to watch the Brendan Witt video. As I said, I wasn't able to get anywhere near Witt in the postgame, so seeing the ITV video is priceless. Especially watching him tell a reporter they asked a stupid question. DOH!!! Good for you Witter. There is also video of Captain Doug Weight and veteran winning goalie Dwayne Roloson. Both crediting the same factor in the wins. Get the puck to the net, good things may happen. Then there is Scott Gordon's presser from Room 6 where he cracked a smile and a joke. The question about Sutton came from none other than hockey playing Blog Boxer Mike Schuerline from Much better reception than the guy who was told to "look it up" by Witt.

So okay then! Go to the Islander's main site and spend 15 minutes watching the videos and hear their quotes for youself. Sure, it's not the same thing without the smell in the room, but you'll enjoy them. And don't forget tonight on blogtalk radio at /crashthecrease I'll be talking Islanders and then PuckDaddy himself will be talking with HockeyGuy AC. 9 pm, check it out.

I didn't get home until almost 11 pm. My game days are LONG. I'm up at 6 am and I don't stop until Midnight. It's a little on the nutzo side and yeah, I get pissy when I hear my friends are home in ten minutes and I'm looking at a 40 minute drive home and then an hour posting game reports. I don't have the luxury of hanging out in the coliseum banging out an entry and then heading out for a late dinner or coffee. I leave that to the MSM that crowds the press room.
Well, here's a partial post game report over at HockeyBuzz. I'll have more tomorrow. But I can't stay awake.
Also, tomorrow night at the 9 pm hour I will be a guest on blogtalk radio's Crash The Crease podcast at with Anthony Curatolo. It's an off night, so check it out!

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Yeah, just want you want. It's a good idea for players to piss off the remaining media that actually covers games.